Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB) is an apex body of travel agents as registered by the Govt. of the People Republic of Bangladesh. It has around 3500 members all over the country. ATAB has been playing a vital role for the smooth development of Aviation & Tourism sector in the country.

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Message from President, ATAB


S. N. Manzur Murshed (Mahbub)

President, ATAB

I am very much delighted to congratulate our honorable members for keeping trust on me for the 4th time to lead ATAB. It gives me much more responsibilities to look after the welfare of ATAB members. The days are coming when this will be difficult to sustain the travel agencies depending on travel & tourism ticketing business.

Hence, we should take step to open the Pandora in dimensional ways including, inbound outbound tourism. We will try to make relations & business partnership with agency of different countries by signing MOU/Contract and bilateral discussion.

We believe that, Bangladesh has a great potentiality in the field of tourism. The present Government is kin to improve tourism sector & these will be wise to participate the Government programs & Tourism organization so that better collaboration may achieve with the Government.

ATAB website is a mirror where every members & users get their required information. Website is a dynamic document & regularly needs update the information. We tried our best to make it user friendly & to host aviation related law, act & tourism related messages.

Again, I remember our commitment given to you and take the sincere effort to fulfill the commitment.

We always welcome the suggestion, advice & opinion for the betterment of our members.

Message from Secretary General, ATAB


Abdus Salam Aref

Secretary General, ATAB

It is my pleasure to congratulate all the ATAB members as a newly elected Secretary General. It is our responsibility to make ATAB more progressive by providing better & continuous services, solving problems & looking after the welfare of ATAB members.

Now, tourism is not a sector only, it becomes industry with huge opportunity to invest in this industry. Today’s investment will bring better future for the generations to generations. Bangladesh has great potentiality in tourism industry as it was the century of ancient & historical events, monuments & establishment throughout the country. We will try to attract foreign tourist, tour operators and tourist personnel from different countries by arranging Marketing conference and like events in different countries to open the door of tourism of our country.

I like to request all our members to extend their whole hearted co-operation to fulfill our commitment and achieving the goal.

I like to assure all the members that my heartfelt afford will remain with you for betterment of ATAB members on the coming days.

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